Building a Business

Congratulations you have decided to join this exciting, vibrant and fulfilling industry. Now where to start? British Bridal is here to help we will take you through every step of the process from selecting premises to selling your first gown.

Unlike other training courses, we give you the opportunity to work alongside our highly trained staff in a real bridal appointment. Our training course is run out of our head office in West Yorkshire which is also home to our three successful bridal boutiques.

The initial stage of the course will go through the basics and the essentials for starting your business. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to go over the “boring bits” including finances etc. We also provide a full interactive workbook that will walk you through step by step how to build your business from the ground up. View preview here

Then we get down to the business of SALES. We will talk you through a full appointment from beginning to end including all the marketing that gets the bride through the door, right through to that all-important question “are you saying yes to the dress?”

You will then get to try out your sales techniques in a real appointment.

We provide 3 different options for the sales training courses, each of these can then be tailored to suite you, creating a bespoke learning experience.

One Day

The first option is for a one day intensive course. This is more suited to those already working in the bridal industry.

Two Day

The second option is a more intensive look at sales and includes separate modules on steaming, alterations, merchandising and sales protocols.


We will cover your overnight stay in a fantastic countryside manor hotel. Plus a lavish evening meal with our team to unwind after your first day of training.

One Day Course

What this will involve is:
~ 30min preparation phone call with our course leader Becki. She
will go through all the specific aspects of your business you have
concerns with. She will ask you varying questions to get a feel for
how your boutique operates and start to form a plan for your up
coming course.
~ In depth research by our course leader into your location and
client base from a non-biased perspective. This will include secret
shopper calls not only to your boutique but also to any nearby
competition. This way she will develop a more rounded view of the
options available to brides in your area and be better able to advise

~ On the morning of your training day you will start by going through your full customer experience with your course leader discussing in depth the areas that you raised as concerns. Together you
will using our appointment frame work plan out your own ideal appointment scenario.
~ The rest of the day will be spent running simulated appointments trialing out all your new techniques. This will then lead up to running a full appointment with a real bride. You also have the option to upgrade this course to include a visit to your store where your course leader will work alongside you in your own environment. We also provide interactive workbooks for you to work through that if done
before your training day will help you make the most out of your time. We would recommend getting this maybe before you book your course as these can help you identify areas and organise your thoughts on your own sales.

Two Day Course

The initial preparation for your course is the same on all three options we do as much research and planning as possible to make sure each course is tailored specifically to your needs. Where this option differs is:
~ We will look at stock care and display including steaming training and a practice pack to take home. We will explain how correctly to display the gowns to the best advantage in your store.
~ We will go into specific detail about getting brides in and out of dresses. This includes the best techniques for minimalizing make-up stains and damage to your samples. It also covers lacing up gowns and tricks to getting a size 14 bride in a size 12 gown.
~ We will go in depth into alterations and what you should and should not offer in a bridal appointment. Also how to negotiate with free-lance seamstresses on prices and how to make this service benefit your business. If adding a cap sleeve to a strapless gown is going to get you a £1500 sale you do not want to say no!
~ Merchandising will involve looking at a plan of your boutique including videos (which we will ask you to take before hand). We will then take you through your ideal customer journey including involving all 5 senses!! We will show you how to merchandise so you can up sell on veils, belts and tiaras.
~ We spend a lot of time on this course looking at your tone of voice a phrasing you use. It is vital that you communicate key information about your brand without it coming across as a rehearsed sales pitch. You need to become part of the brides entourage so to speak. She needs to know you have her best interests at heart while you plant the seeds of sale in their head. There are key ways of doing this which involve reading facial cues and adapting to their own language.
~The final add on for this option is the sales protocols this involves going through what happens at point of sale and the legalities behind bridal sales. How to cover your backs from the moment you take payment so that should any unfortunate event occur for that bride you know it will not affect your business. This also involves an optional training session on the ‘’ sales system and a free 3 month trail.

VIP Course

Option three is our VIP option, this includes everything from the first two options plus the following upgrades:
We will cover your overnight stay in a fantastic countryside manor hotel. Plus a lavish evening meal with our team to unwind after your first day of training.

It also includes our full paperwork package and the interactive workbooks.