Business Boost

This set of packages is specifically designed to dissect your current business and tackle specific areas that you feel need a boost. The important thing to note here is that we are not looking to churn out cookie cutter bridal boutiques our advisors really focus on your current business and take you back to what your dream was when you first started.

We will begin with a bespoke business trouble shooting session. This will involve going through the interactive work book provided which will take you back to the foundations of your business including things like: Why did you want to open a bridal boutique? What are your stores USP’s? And finally research into your competition. While you are completing this your course leader will also be researching into your business and looking at the full experience as a bride and as a business manager. She will make notes on how easy it is to find your store online, in person and on social media. She will make extensive notes and observations ready for the session.

You will then come together and go through all your findings and eventually coming up with a rough outline of a business plan. The aim of all this is to get you thinking outside the box and allowing you to realise that re-vamping your business doesn’t have to cost a fortune and be a heartbreaking process. Just like you support your brides through the ups and downs of wedding planning we will support you through this.

For those who want the Package One option this will also include a full day on site with your course leader looking at your sales techniques and breaking down a full appointment from start to finish. You will then get to try out your new ideas and skills on a real bridal appointment.

This package also includes a visit to your store so that your course leader can see how you work in your own environment . We will possibly re-vamp all your marketing and store layout to encompass the full bridal experience taking advantage of all 5 senses and creating the perfect buying atmosphere.

If you would like more information about this why not book your FREE 30min consultation call with our course leader.

Taking your training course was one of our best decisions. You put us back on track, pushed me out of my comfort zone and we haven’t looked back.