Reels, #reels, *^$#%+ reels!!!

Do you know what is crazy, while I have been planning this blog one of my reels has just passed the 3000 views mark!! We don’t even have 3000 followers!

Anyway incase you haven’t figured it out yet this blog is all about Instagram reels. Specifically how you can use this feature to grow your following and attract customers to your store. For those of you who don’t know reels are a new-ish feature on Instagram, they are basically Mr Zuckerbergs answer to TikTok. They are short, customisable videos that can have text, music and you can talk on them. Like with any new feature on social media, obviously they have spent time and effort into building them so they clearly want you to use them. The way IG (Instagram) gets you to use their new features is by giving you algorithmic boosts for using them.

I’m not going to go into detail about how to make reels however if you would like me to do some instructional videos please comment and let me know.

Reels are a tool to boost your business.

What I do want to talk about is how to use them to boost your following and gain customers. So we had a brain storming meeting a few weeks ago. Talking about marketing and how we are obviously working on a budget due to covid. So what can we use that is free? The obvious answer is social media. I am going to eventually do a full blog on social media. What I will say quickly is, that if you are not putting real time and effort into your social media you are not going to be getting the most out of your business in 2021. Sorry I know some people really don’t want to hear that but unfortunately it is the truth.

Idea, execution and publication

So back to our experience with reels. We decided that we wanted to do some reels around pancake day. The reason we decided on this was that EVERYONE does valentines day so we wanted to try be different. My idea was lets try work it so that every time the model flips the pancake her dress changes. It’s fun and shows off more than one of our styles. So off we popped to our CEO’s house with our designer/seamstress Kate and our social media intern Saffron. We had so much fun playing around with the pancake and trying to get the flip right. Then at the end we were joking around and Kate threw the pancake at me, luckily I had been filming and so had Saffron for behind the scenes. We now had some fun, fluffy content that we could edit together and post out.

Influencers and how they benefit you.

Putting all the videos together using the reels feature on IG was super easy. It takes a few tries to get it totally right but once you have done one it gets even easier. It was then about deciding which music to use now for the main one we used a song called ‘Flip It’ which worked really well with what we were trying to achieve. We also used #’s that were relating to pancake day. This reel as we speak, so just over a week since it was released has had 2075 views. The main reason behind this can be attributed mainly to two ladies who run ‘From Brides With Love’. They saw our reel pop up and they shared it on their IG story. These ladies have over 10’000 followers so naturally our views went through the roof once they did this.

Do your reels research

So for our first reel although it did very well we made a few mistakes. If it hadn’t been for ‘From Brides with Love’ I predict it would have been a bit of a flop. However one day after releasing that reel I decided to put out another showing the behind the scenes video of me getting hit with the pancake. This time I picked a song that was trending on the iTunes and TikTok chart and selected 4 #’s that were also trending. As of 2 days ago that video was on about 1500 views. Which was ok but not as much as we wanted, then suddenly in the past 24hrs it has gone mental. I started typing this blog and we just passed the 3000 mark we are now at 3609!!!!!

The proof is in the pictures

You can see here I sent a message to our CEO’s showing the views were 2571 at 8:27am. It is now 12:31pm and we are at 3613. If you think from a business perspective for us as a supplier we have a very specific target market. We focus on bridal boutiques not brides. Now think if your businesses reels are generating that much buzz in your local area how many more brides would know who you are. For us realistically reels aren’t as beneficial but for you guys they are GOLD! If someone like ‘From Brides with Love’ whos audience is purely brides to be shared one of your reels that is an extra 10’000 brides seeing your marketing! Here is the kicker… ITS FREE!!!!!!

In summery in true blunt Becki fashion: Get creating reels they are so worth it trust me. If you want any further info about social media tips and hacks please follow us on @bridalbanter.

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