Paperwork Package

This package is you taking the first steps towards creating a more efficient and time saving way of running your business.
We have paperwork to cover every eventual scenario:
Weight Gain, Buyers Remorse, Lack of Funds & Cancellations.
You name an issue within bridal and I can guarantee we have come up against it. We even have a clause in our T&C’s to cover dresses being left on our doorstep and claiming they never took them home!!

We have set out this package in the order of how you would use each document throughout an appointment. All our procedures have a paper trail and set of guidelines to follow that if adhered to can save you so much hassle, time and of course money.

With this pack you will be sent all the relevant documentation in a Microsoft word format. That way you can personalise and edit each file to suit your needs.


The T&C’s of sale are one of the most important documents in your paperwork arsenal. Our T&C’s document that you will receive has been developed along with a team of lawyers over 17 years in the bridal industry. They have been tried and tested in small claims court and have proven successful.


After the T&C’s this is the next most valuable document. This form requires the bride to sign 5 separate declarations. This ensures that there are no disagreements when it comes down to sizing.

Enquiry Form

We highly recommend that if you do not have an enquiry form that you use in your appointment process that you get one. They come in so handy in all aspects of your business. It is a way of collection information on marketing, sizing and a fantastic method for re-engaging brides who have maybe not bought on the day.

Collection Form

This form must be signed by every customer before any items are taken
out of the store. It is your insurance document should they return with any form of complaint about the gown. You are covered on every aspect from the fit of the gown to just the fact that they are happy with it. This is vital information as we all know complaints aren’t something we like
to think about but with documents such as those found in this package you are covered for every eventuality.

Customer Services

We have included in this pack a set of email & letter templates that can be
used against any form of customer services correspondence. Writing
official emails and letters can sometimes feel overwhelming. What we
have developed here are skeleton templates with what information you
need to include, these can be fleshed out as and when you need them.