Sales Training

Our bridal consultancy and sales training is one of the most sought after training courses within the bridal industry.
The reason behind this is that we offer what no other course does. We give you the chance to test your new skills in a real live bridal appointment. You get to shadow our course leader and then with our supervision work with a real bride and her entourage.

For those just starting out we will help you create your own style of bridal sales and make sure that you have all the support and tools available in order to become a confident & successful bridal consultant.
For those who have been in the industry for a number of years this course is a fantastic way of breaking down your current techniques, taking them back to basics and refining them. It might be that you just need a bit of confidence interjecting into your pitch. Sometimes having someone look at something with an outside perspective but who has a vested interest in your success can be the difference between selling 5 gowns a week to selling 5 gowns per day.
Our stores sell between 2000 and 3000 dresses per year. Each of our members of staff have their own unique way of selling from what some would class as the pushy hard sell to the more softer hand holding style. Each has their own merits and when coupled with our unique frame work results in 80% conversion rates across the board.
The most important thing to remember about our training is that it is the essential frame work for you to build your own personal style of sales. This includes an interactive workbook to help you track your progress.

It is also worth noting that because we are a wholesale supplier it is in our best interest for you to become the best sales consultant you can be. It comes back to our core values that we insist on putting bridal retailers first above all else.

We provide 3 different options for the sales training courses, again each of these will then be tailored to suite you, creating a bespoke learning experience.

We believe that even the smallest aspects of each appointment are vital to securing a sale.
We will cover:
~ Gathering essential information so as to better communicate with your brides.
~ Building a rapport with them so that they come to trust you and your opinions from start to finish.
~ A full appointment structure from start to finish with key
stages. This will enable you to manage your time efficiently without feeling like you are rushing.
~ How to manage the entourage from opinionated mothers to jealous bridesmaids. Its your job to keep the focus on the bride but also placate the family and friends.
~ Closing the sale. How to cope with every form of resistance and
creating that need to buy.
~ Upselling and accessorising your gowns to suite the brides individual style.
~ Pricing, knowing which areas you can come down on price to secure the sale. But also recognising situations when this is not needed.
~ Follow up. If she doesn’t say yes, the appointment doesn’t end
there. We go through all the ways to re-engage with them and get them back for a second appointment and then eventually a sale.
Not only do we cover all of the above but for those just starting out we will also cover:
~ Taking measurements. This includes a full instructional video and a chance to practice with your course leader.
~ Paperwork and Payment plans. What paperwork essentials you
need and how to approach this with your customers.
~ Steaming training, including different material classifications and a take home materials set to practice on.
~ Recognising different styles and silhouettes. From necklines to veil lengths.
~ Alterations, how you can work these into your sales pitch and often close the sale using these additions.
You will then get to try out your sales techniques in a real appointment.