Selfie Marketing

Is your store selfie worthy?

I know some of you are thinking what? You mean those silly pictures people take of themselves with their phones above their head? The answer is “yes” that is exactly what I mean. Instagrammable is a new adjective that now plays a vital role in how brides to be select the stores they are going to visit. It’s all about Selfie Marketing.

What is the craze?

Did you know that you can now search for restaurants and cafes not by how good their service or food is, but by how instagrammable their décor is? It is normal practice now to document every waking moment on social media, brides are no different. With the current wave of brides to be itching to get started with their shopping experience. It is more important than ever before that they make the most of this experience and being able to document it fully is now a vital part of that process.

After a year of putting plans on hold and tainted memories of the wedding planning journey making things as special as possible from this point forward is a top priority.

Imstagrammable Moments

Taking advantage of this craze isn’t as hard as you might think. There are easy opportunities to build in these moments to your usual bridal appointment flow. Here are a few:

Radiant Refreshments

Most Bridal Boutiques offer a variety of refreshments to the bridal party at their appointment. Remember when in comes to taking pictures during the appointment it is the entourage that have more time to do this. You can encourage them that while you are in the fitting room with the bride trying on the first gown. They could be taking some images to commemorate the day for the bride, while subtly encouraging them to tag your store.

Beautiful Bathrooms

How many times do you see images on profiles on nights out where girls are taking selfies in club or restaurant bathrooms. Again another area to take advantage of a photo opportunity. It may sound crazy to you but it is all free marketing so why not take advantage of it. We even have an IG-worthy bathroom here at our HQ for our customers.

She Said Yes!

90% of stores have jumped on the band wagon with a special area and sign for your brides “I said yes to the dress”. However what if your bride doesn’t decide to commit that day. You are missing out on vital marketing opportunity. Placing little signs like the one below around your store and mentioning to the entourage when they arrive that they are encouraged to take as many pictures as they want while the bride is changing. You can even word it that you want to make sure the bride doesn’t miss out on any of the experience and by having those images it will make it special for her.

Taking advantage of as many FREE marketing opportunities as possible is vital in todays market. Managing social media and creating content for your social media can often be a full time job. So why not take some pressure off and let your customers do it for you. With the quality of most phone cameras and filters available chances are they will make your store look just as good as you will. To find out more about using social media marketing sign up for our training courses.

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