British Bridal are dedicated to helping independent bridal boutiques navigate the ever changing world that is Bridal sales. We want to support you on your journey no matter how long you have been on it. If you are a new start up or a bridal veteran there is something here for you. We cover all areas of the industry from budgeting to buying, social media to social distancing, merchandising to monetising and everything in between.

As mentioned before we have three retail stores ourselves that have been built up over the 20 years we have been in business. Our expansion has only been possible because of our unique business model and selling style. We have survived a recession and now a pandemic and we are still going strong. We fully believe in keeping the bridal industry going and want to help other boutiques thrive by passing on all our inside secrets.

Your Course Leader

This is the part where I tell you a bit about myself and why I am able to deliver a course that inspires you and helps you boost your business. My first job out of school was at a local bridal boutique owned by a friend of my mothers. It was here that I found the love for everything bridal. Helping someone find the dress of their dreams, becoming part of their bridal experience is addictive. I became obsessed with everything to do with the industry, I loved merchandising the store, selecting the accessories I even, wait for it…loved steaming!
That love has not diluted or dissipated as the years have gone on, not even when my career ventured down a very different path (I was a singer on board cruise ships).
I have taken all I have learned through out my many life experiences and put all my energy into British Bridal and our company aims. I saw early on the stresses of minimum orders and sometimes the lack of empathy and support my boss would get from her suppliers. This makes me even more determined now to make sure our stockists are looked after.
My sales training began at a young age but I really honed my techniques during my time working at two of the countries major department stores. (Selfridges & Harrods) It was here that I truly learned the art that is sales.
I learned that your job as a sales person only really starts when you hear the word ‘no’. You have to find the reason and way round this. It’s at this point where the challenge and your skills come into play. I truly love working in sales and I put this passion into teaching others.

Becki xxx

You will find us at:

Chapel House, Chapel Street

East Ardsley, Wakefield